Saturday, May 16, 2015

Building Houses without Insulation

I have been building houses lately, but they don't have any insulation AT ALL. I did not expect to ever say that, but it is true.

I am building Halloween Glitter Houses - also called Putz Houses. I started this project just because I wanted to do something crafty after working in my attic for many days in a row. I am enjoying it immensely.

Here are a few examples of my little houses in approximate order of building. I initially made a few houses from Howard Lamey's patterns on Little Glitterhouses just to get an idea of how they go together and what all is involved. Almost all of his houses are painted and then glittered, but I've been covering my with scrapbook paper or card stock. They will get glitter and more decor later. I thought I would do a big glitter day all at once so I'm not continually covered with glitter.

 This is my very first house. Alison decorated it for me. She's a pro at stuff like that.

The second house is not yet on a base. I haven't decided what to put it on. Alison also decorated this. The chimneys are not glued on at this time so that's one reason they look a little wonky. Both of these houses are based on the Twin Peaks pattern off Little Glitterhouses website by Howard Lamey, an incredible artist. 

This little house is a Sizzix die cut pattern designed by Brenda Walton. I think it is a little bland - that's why I made a fake book as the base for it. It is also not glued on yet. I am experimenting with trees and little clay pumpkins, mice, etc.

I actually made this pattern myself though I did copy it from something I found online at Ally Scraps the blog. Obviously this house is designed for kids. I even made candy corn from polymer clay. I have some more decorations planned for this house. The base is a large ribbon spool just like I made for the first house. 

Ok, now you see the Spider house below - one of my very favorites. It's got a black fence made from a Martha Stewart deep edge punch (which I have since broken - I have to fix it because it is too cool.) That's a spider hanging from the portico in the front. The house windows are made of tissue paper so if you put a small LED light inside, the house windows glow.

Here is another house from one of Howard Lamey's patterns called "Little Charmer". If you look at Pinterest or Etsy or Flicker, you will see many examples of this house.

I glued a little ghost on the inside of the door. There is another ghost peaking around the corner playing hide and "ghost" seek. I am really proud of both my rock work on the front portico and the shingles on the roof. My hand hurt after drawing all those details.

That's just a small update for today. I'll show some more of my more advanced designs tomorrow or the next day.


  1. These houses are really creative! I especially like the one with green trim and the white background with swirling shapes!

  2. I am so glad you like the little houses. I missed your comments while you were on trail. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    1. I think I have caught up now that I'm home! I love seeing your posts and pictures. I'm glad you a re posting other things too!