Thursday, May 28, 2015

Halloween Glitterhouses - Flying Witch House, Flying Bat House

The house above is called the "Flying Witch House" only I don't have the witch installed yet. There is a little hole above one of the gables where I will install a wire and a witch in front of the moon. I am waiting on my flying witch punch to arrive. See the little broom - that was fun to make. The pumpkin is a sculpey pumpkin that I made. I just discovered "Distressing Ink". That's also fun for Halloween houses. Again this one is not glittered yet. I will either use mostly clear or black glitter for this house.

You can't see them very well at all, but there are 6 flying bats on this house, 3 on the wire attached to the turret, one in front of the gable on the left and one in each window of the turret. The obvious name for this house is the "Flying Bat House". The doorway is in the shape of a coffin. The other thing I am tickled about on this house is the stonework on the turret. I drew and hand shaded each stone.

I am doing some stuff on my real house, the house I physically live in, which will be in a later post. Thank you for indulging me in my crafty sidetrack.


  1. These houses are really adorable! Fun project. Did you super insulate them? LOL

  2. I think the people who read my blog for information about energy efficiency felt deceived when they read my post "Building Houses with Insulation". I have had so much fun designing and making these little houses. I've got about 15 done so far. I hope to have 50 my October which really shouldn't be too hard.

    1. WOW! I bet they will really evolve by number 50. Any Christmas ideas in the works?

  3. Yes, I am always thinking about the Christmas designs. I hope they are easier and not so design intensive. Most of the designs I've drawn up can be used for Christmas houses.