Friday, June 12, 2015

Another House with Glitter

This is my new favorite house. I call it the "Silhouette House" because of the cut out pictures in the windows that let light through and cast shadows. This house is painted rather than papered and partially glittered. I put too much glitter on the roof so I will get a little brush and scrub some of it off. The body of the house hasn't been glittered yet. You can't really see the bat in the middle or the spider in the lower right window.

Here is a little bit about the design process.

First here's the basic house. I did a much better job with the windows this time than I did on previous houses.

This is the window insert with the cutouts. It's a little bit difficult lining them up so I tape them temporarily until I am sure I have them properly aligned.

These are the side window cutouts. See how the eye socket has been cut out. It's looks kind of spooky letting the light through. I need to color the edges where the white part of the paper shows through.

I will layer these inserts between clear sheets of acetate to protect them so they will be more protected and then glue them in the windows. I've got to glitter the base part of the house first because if you don't, the glitter sticks to the acetate. 

That's the latest house. Thank you for reading about my glittering adventures. More to come (and later in the month another blog post on energy efficiency).


  1. Nice! I like this new version! The cutouts in the windows liven it up! I love the roof line!

  2. I love it too! Reminds me of the Halloween house John and I made as kids.