Friday, June 12, 2015

Candy Corn Glitterhouses

Still making little glitter houses and still having lots of fun doing it. It's kind of like being a kid again.

I got the idea to make some houses based on the shape of candy corn. I thought it might make a good house for little kids to enjoy. Here is the design process (including the design fail - the wonky circular base). Design no. 1

Ok, so I wanted the house to be relatively simple to make so I drew a simple gable house and covered it with white, orange and yellow paper. I cut out a candy corn door and some windows. The windows were kind of wonky so I lined the windows with orange and white baker's twine. I'm not really very fond of how it looks so I will not likely repeat that design element.  For the base I cut out a bunch of circles and glued them to several layers of circular corrugated cardboard with the center cut out. The center is large enough for a LED tea light. When I glued all the circles together they got all wonky (my new favorite word - for me it means warped and not straight and not the way I intended) and look like a warped vinyl record. I have to design a better base.

Design no. 2 - didn't even make it to the prototype phase. I was basically a triangle house and was not interesting.

Design no. 3 is much better. I love the rounded top. Still having trouble cutting out good windows though. I may line them with a thicker layer of glitter to obscure the uneven cuts.

Design no. 4 is a variation of above, but I wanted to roof to have a better overhang so I made the base, the yellow portion, have straight walls.

I also cut the windows better on this one. Another difference here is that I painted the house rather than covering it with paper. I don't think it is much easier. I finally found some orange glitter that I really like so that made the orange color more prominent. On the previous houses I just used a transparent glitter.

So those are the Candy Corn Glitter Houses. Next is what I call the "Silhouette House" because all the windows have pictures in them so that the light shines through them. It looks really cool. I am very happy with this house. I'll post it later.


  1. So Cute! Bailey could pose beside this one wearing her candy corn princess costume!

  2. Yes, Bailey posing with the little house would look really cute. Of course, she looks cute wherever she is.