Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Black Hat Inn Continued

More photos of the Black Hat Inn - it is really coming together.

This photo shows the paper mache base with the top off so you can see where the tea light goes. When I finished this step, I was worried that the paper roots wouldn't really look like roots, I was counting on the paint to convey my idea of tree roots.

Here's how the Black Hat Inn fits on the now primed base. The door is temporarily in place. I'm thinking at this point that the roots are starting to look like roots.

And here is the first coat of paint on the base and I do think they are looking like roots. I will add some darker color for shading and contrast to look more like tree roots. Obviously I have to repaint the hat because I got primer on it and I have to paint the area around the hat rim black. The door is still temporarily in place. I will put the entire base on a larger piece of cardboard to give me more room for signs and a fence and decor for the Black Hat Inn.

That's where I am on this hot day in the South. I should go walking now before it gets into the 90s again.

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  1. This is a cute invention! I love each new house!