Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wreath Making Party Information

Ok, finally I'm getting around telling people a little bit about the party as it's not your typical party. I think I've hosted the wreath making party 3 times in the past.

Basically, the supplies for the wreaths are all here. I've got greenery, wreath forms, various ornaments, many colors of ribbon and 5000 felt balls from Nepal for the wreaths. You don't have to bring anything for the wreath UNLESS you have a very specific theme or idea in mind, then you would need to bring the decorations for your specific theme you want to add to the wreath.

I also will have a pretty complete spread of food - sandwiches, dips and chips, chocolate chip cookies and one other dessert (haven't decided what yet), pasta salad, fruit salad, soft drinks including some beer and wine. If you have a special dish you would like to share, please bring that, but you don't have to bring any food. I think there will be plenty as I tend to overdo things.

The real challenge for the party is parking. My neighbor is the Duncan Chapel fire chief and he has to go out on every call his station gets. We have to leave his driveway readily accessible to allow him to get in and out easily. We may have you park at my brother's new house around the corner and have him drive you here or perhaps park and Publix at the intersection of Poinsett Highway and Old Buncombe Rd and pick you up. I'll post more details later.

It's a fun, creative party. I think you will have fun. I hope to see you here.

Wreath Making Invitations

I finally decided on what to do for the invitations for the wreath making party.

Here are the major components - a little package of candy, the written invitation and little stockings to hold the candy. Finally - one week before the party, I am mailing them out. I have been telling everyone about the party though. I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone.

New Bathtub and Subway Tile

Just a quick post to show you the new bathtub. It is so beautiful and CLEAN.

The rest of the bathroom is not quite up to this standard yet. I really want to gut the exterior wall so I can insulate it. I found out when we removed a closet in my living room that they did not insulate the walls behind closets. I have no idea why that would be true, but it is. So the bathroom closet is along an exterior wall and uninsulated. I'd like to make sure that whole wall is done right. And then I plan on tiling the floor. After that my bathroom will be done. Next project would be the kitchen.

Remember I am a slow renovator so the kitchen will probably be a year away.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wreath-Making Party Time

I've been working pretty hard around the house trying to spruce things up before the wreath-making party on November 30th and December 1st.

I got Carlton to install a new bathtub for me with new subway tiles all around.  That is very exciting. I haven't wanted to admit it, but I had layers and layers of plastic and duct tape around my shower and bathtub for about 2 years that I just tolerated until now. I felt like I had to finish John's house before I could do more stuff on my house. Pictures in another post.

I haven't made my invitations for the wreath-making party yet because I keep debating on what to do. I've got to get those done this weekend.

I thought I would show you a pom pom wreath I finished last year. Jo Ann gave me a great red ornament last week that really goes well with the wreath. If you should decide to make a pom pom wreath, just be aware that you are going to need LOTS and LOTS of pom poms. I'm pretty sure that's over 60 pom poms.

I hope you are having a lovely fall. It remains stunningly beautiful here.