Thursday, December 20, 2012

Decorations for the Party - Medallions, Lots of Medallions

More photos of some decorations we made this year.

My sister helped me make them and Lynn hung them from the curtain rod and the greenery. They spiral around and really intrigue the cats. Sonny loves to climb the curtains and try to attack the medallions. All were made with the help of the scoring board and the edge punches from Martha Stewart. Very fun.

Jo Ann and Rich made me a rustic gingerbread cabin for my party. I had to spray the crackers with bitter apple so the cats wouldn't lick the salt off the crackers. The problem with that? When I was finishing up some  details on the house, adding more snow and such, I kept licking my fingers and tasting the bitter apple, yuck.

One of these days I will learn to use my camera better so you can see things better.

Monday, December 17, 2012

More from the Wreath party

Here are some more photos from the wreath-making party.

Beth did a spectacular wreath matching the bow and the holly along with the metal star in the center.
Lauren always comes to the party and works very hard on her wreaths. It is beautiful as always. She is very talented and creative.
Kelli and her mother show their wreaths. They both made large square wreaths which I love. They made it home safely after having a flat in my driveway. 
Alison and Pressley at the photo booth. Pressley always makes a wreath for one of her teachers.  I think she gets brownie points that way. I did not how seriously funny she is until this year. The Target dog is just hitching a ride on the wreath, not a part of the wreath. 
Those are most of my photos. Alison has a lot of photos from the second night of the party. I will try to get more photos soon. Take care everybody.

Continuing the Woodland Theme - Fox Gift Card, Christmas Banners

I am sending someone a gift card that I decorated with a cool fox puppet designed by Randi of Swoon! She has a ton of cool downloads, some directly on her website and some on an educational website called Playful Learning.

The fox puppet is available at this page on Playful Learning.

I attached the fox to the paper with the brads and I really like how the fox holds the gift. I used Martha Stewart scrapbook paper as the background. I am hoping it will fit in the 11.5" x 14" photo mailer with just a tiny trim.

I made a Merry Christmas banner in shades of greens and browns. It looked very pretty with the greenery above.

This is the center of the "MERRY CHRISTMAS" banner. We didn't exactly center the deer on the medallion, but it still looks good. My sister and I found the deer online, printed it on cardstock and glittered the antlers.

Here's some of the letters of the "MERRY CHRISTMAS" part. The letters were downloaded from Martha Stewart's website clip art - Festive Garland. We colored the letters with a magic marker and glittered the edges with gold then glued it to a scalloped circle then glued to the medallion. The medallions were made using the scoring board which is seriously fun to use.

I hope you are enjoying your holidays.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More photos from the party

When I conceived of the idea for the party, I figured it would be a bunch of women from work, talking and decorating the wreaths. That is a part of the party, but really the kids enjoy it a lot too. I am amazed at their creativity.

This is Sentell (not sure I am spelling it right). BJ really wants him to wear the bear ear headband.

Bradley and Tiffany with their creations. 
Elisia is the star of this photo. 

Erica with her wreath

Cassandra with her wreath
Asa and Eli posing with their creations.
More photos tomorrow or Friday.

It's about time

The wreath-making parties are over. And here are some of the results. People did a beautiful job this year as they do every year. Since I am having trouble writing posts for my blog (largely because of fatigue), I'm going to show a few at a time.

These two photos might be called the grandchild edition - Karen with her grandchild, Jordan and BJ, the youngest of Ada's grandchildren.

Karen and Jordan

BJ charming my friend Lynn. You can see where someone kissed him on the cheek.
I'm off tomorrow so I hope to post more then.