Thursday, December 20, 2012

Decorations for the Party - Medallions, Lots of Medallions

More photos of some decorations we made this year.

My sister helped me make them and Lynn hung them from the curtain rod and the greenery. They spiral around and really intrigue the cats. Sonny loves to climb the curtains and try to attack the medallions. All were made with the help of the scoring board and the edge punches from Martha Stewart. Very fun.

Jo Ann and Rich made me a rustic gingerbread cabin for my party. I had to spray the crackers with bitter apple so the cats wouldn't lick the salt off the crackers. The problem with that? When I was finishing up some  details on the house, adding more snow and such, I kept licking my fingers and tasting the bitter apple, yuck.

One of these days I will learn to use my camera better so you can see things better.


  1. Those medallions are really beautiful! I think the one with the dove is my favorite. I've tasted that bitter apple stuff too accidentally--it's pretty yucky!

    1. My sister made the dove medallion. I am going to experiment with these some more. They are really fun to make. By the way, I love the color scheme of your bathroom. It's inspiring.