Saturday, January 5, 2013

After Christmas Creativity - Pom Pom Snowman

A lot of times right after Christmas when things have slowed down a bit, I just get all these ideas about things I want to make for the next year. It often prompts me to go ahead and start making things.

I got a Clover Pom Pom maker because I want to make a bunch of garlands with pom poms. Man, is that tool seriously fun. I left it at work one night so in case everyone had a little time they could make some pom poms. One of my co-workers was especially talented at making multi-colored pom poms so they started calling her a "pom pom overachiever".

I made a pom pom snowman that I think looks pretty cool. (Aside - I had my walls painted about a year ago and they used the wrong color paint. It was supposed to be a much milder version of this yellow. When I take photos inside it gives everything a strong YELLOW cast. I will fix that one of these days and learn to take better photos as well.)

But you can still see that the pom pom snowman is cute. I made the hat out of black felt. I rolled a strip of felt to form the body of the hat and sewed 2 circles, one large and one the diameter of the rolled felt to the top and bottom. I got a large needle, threaded it with the white yarn, sewed it through the head, then through the hat to form the hanger. I glued on the felt eyes, orange nose, mouth and buttons. The stick arms are just wedged in there. I cut the scarf from felt, but I think it would look better knitted.

Other post-Christmas projects - cleaning, planning for next year's party, planning for John's house, trying to exercise some so when we ski in early February, I will be able to button my ski pants and actually ski.


  1. Thank you. The pom pom maker really helps with the snowman. I'm glad you like it.