Friday, April 3, 2015

Excitement on my Street

I live about a quarter mile off a busy highway. Sirens go by often and it sets Burbank, my dog, to barking. I think she learned to howl from old Buddy, the bassett-lab hybrid who was a real pro at howling. She's not quite as effective at howling as Buddy was, but she can let you know that there is something going on.

Most days I hear the howling, then the sirens behind my house where the major highway is, but this day I realized the sirens were on my street. In fact, there were 2 large fire trucks right in front of my house.

Here is the sequence of events:

You can see that the lawn guys are looking kind of sheepish. The ironic thing is that this field is in front of the local fire chief's house, my neighbor. It's not his field though.

Ok, now back to my usual topics. Here is the last bit of insulating that I will do because the temperature is getting too hot to work in the attic consistently. Today the temperature was up to 84 degrees. I'll blow in about 10-12 inches of cellulose in the fall when things cool down again after I do some flashing around the chimney and put in baffles at the end of each joist bay. This last area is a bit of a pain to crawl around in, but I think I can get there without it being too claustrophobic.