Thursday, November 25, 2010

Living room insulation

One of the walls in the living room is adjacent to a bedroom wall. Since the living room will be the media center Kathy and I considered it important to put something in the walls to moderate sound. In the previous post I told you about my sudden impulse to order sound reduction insulation. The Roxul mineral wool insulation did not arrive in time, but the soundproof cow Quiet Batt did.

I had to work Wednesday evening from 4pm to midnight so I got up early and installed the insulation because I (mistakenly) thought that the drywall was going to be installed in the living room and mudroom yesterday.

Quiet Batt wall. The wall studs were very uneven so it took some effort to cut the batts to fit.
Here are some photos of the Quiet Batt. It took me only 2 hours and was basically fun. I did lose a little blood though. That happens when you rake a utility knife over your finger rather than the insulation.
Fortunately blood doesn't affect either the sound reduction or insulation properties of the batts.

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  1. I am really enjoying reading about your efforts and frustrations. And that is a beautiful denim color. Your fan in Colorado