Monday, March 5, 2012

More X-rays

I've got some photos of the "after" x-rays. You can see where the ortho doc re-created the hip joint, the acetabulum. It looks really nice except for the size of the screws. I've include the scapula X-rays as well, but I really can't interpret them. It's not an area they operate on very often and it's not an area I am very familiar with. Children don't break their scapulas.

Hip X-ray during surgery. The large metallic objects are retractors holding open the surgical site.  But you can see what a nice hip joint they re-established. 

Post-op surgery X-ray showing the sizes of the screws. Whoa! You can also see the hip joint well on this view.
Shoulder post-op films. Don't ask me about it. I don't really know what they did except stabilize the fracture.

I also included a photo of the current "bump in the road" as the doctors and therapists at the rehab hospital call it. Ben developed a DVT - a deep vein thrombosis, despite getting heparin regularly. It happened due the nature of the injury, surgery in the pelvic region, and his degree of immobility. Pretty frustrating for me. Wildly frustrating for Ben. He's back getting therapy now after a 3 day hiatus. Also they put him on coumadin, an oral anticoagulant to prevent any further clot formation or extension of the clot. Basically it is up to his macrophages to consume the clot which can take months. 

I couldn't understand the ultrasound that showed his DVT except for the words that said "thrombus" so I am including the drawing which clearly shows his DVT.  
Obviously, home repair and energy upgrade plans are on the back burner. Just trying to figure out how to set up the house for him. Fortunately, Ben lives in a one story ranch which was set up for my mother who had serious rheumatoid arthritis and is pretty accessible. 

I need to go deliver a chocolate milk shake to the wounded cyclist. Ya'll take care.  Keep your helmets on.

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  1. These "pictures" are amazing. I hope he is recovering a bit everyday. I'll text him tomorrow. remember to take care of yourself as well!