Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another Detour to the Trauma Bay

I'm not hurt, but once again I had to go to the trauma bay to tend to friends or family.

In my last post I mentioned that Carlton was going to take down the nasty, falling to pieces pool house at John's house. He did take it down, but he didn't mean to be in it when it came down on him.

He was hurt pretty bad - open tib-fib, ischial (pelvic) fracture, compression fracture of L4, and some ribs on both sides. Miraculously he did not have a head injury. Hard-headed? I don't know.

When my younger brother, John, saw the building he said, "Good thing Carlton wasn't in the building when it came down." He was, he was completely in it, not half-way, not one leg stuck in the building, but completely inside the building and he didn't have time to get out when he heard it go.

Lower leg fracture
Carlton had surgery that day and they fixed the leg with a rod through the tibia. He's now in rehab. Carlton is not thriving in the hospital environment. He does not sit or rest very well. He likes to DO stuff. Ben tolerated the hospital environment better than Carlton is. I hope Carlton will get out faster than Ben. I think Ben did 3 weeks in rehab. Carlton will have to go to the mental hospital if they keep him that long.

The rehab doctor asked him about any steps at his house. He said 3 steps, "but I have a lot of lumber and I can direct someone to make a ramp." Not have someone make a ramp, but DIRECT someone to make a ramp, because it will have to be made to his precise specifications.

This unexpected event obviously threw me for a loop and was not getting other stuff done. I am one week behind in my class, but working hard to catch up.

Put in some good thoughts for Carlton. He needs them.

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