Friday, November 16, 2012

Wreath Making Party FAQ 2012

Here are the most common questions about the party.

1. What is a wreath-making party?

Obviously we are going to make wreaths for Christmas. I decided to do this because I noticed one year that the holly trees around my house were heavily laden with berries. I thought it would be fun to make wreaths with them. The party was successful. For some reason I wasn't able to host a party the next year, but we did have one last year. That's why it's the "almost" annual wreath-making party.

I've gotten better at figuring out the materials needed for making wreaths. The most helpful item is a "Soft Touch" wreath form where you lay down the greenery for the wreath and close the clamps that are attached to the form. Very easy. You don't have to wrap wire round and round anymore. I buy them wholesale from a wreath company in Maine, Kelco industries. Yes, the forms are probably made in China.

I have all the materials needed. If you want to make a special wreath like "Baby's First Christmas Wreath" then you would need to bring the decorations to do that. I've got ribbon, bows, pine cones of all sizes, glass balls that I buy on sale (and Wendy donated some as well. Thank you, Wendy.), etc. etc.

John cuts some Frazier fir trees for me that really helps with the greenery. Thank you, John .

Mendy taught me the basics of making fancy bows. Hers are still the best, but mine are at least adequate now. Thank you, Mendy.

2. What if I am working the day of the party? What day do I come to the party?

Sometimes people don't notice it, but I host the party on 2 different days - Sunday December 2nd AND Monday December 3rd. I do that because we work in the ER and it is impossible to pick a day where everyone can attend.

Come on whichever day works out the best for you. I just hope are are able to come on one of the days because  we do have fun.

3. What do I need to bring?

You can bring an unwrapped toy that we will donate to either our Head Start class that we are adopting or to Toys for Tots or Country Santa.

You don't have to bring any supplies or food. I will have everything you need to make a wreath and lots of good food. I am not good at picking out wines so if you would like some wine to fuel your creativity, you could bring a bottle, but you don't have to. I'm kind of beer kind of girl. I drink one every other month or so. I'll have some Coronas with limes.

My brother-in-law, Rich, and my sister will be here next week. Rich is a genius with food. He will help make up some of the food we will serve. Also, Lynn, my friend from Montana will be here the week of the party. She will help with food as well. She's also a great cook. For Kristin I always make my pasta salad.

4. Where are the directions to the party?

I will put up some copies of the maps at work. You can always call me for directions if needed.

5. What about parking?

Yes, parking may be a problem. My neighbor is the Duncan Chapel fire chief. He has to go out on every call that his fire station makes. We cannot block his driveway. I will put up some traffic cones to make sure no one parks in such a way to make it difficult for him to exit.

My younger brother lives just around the corner. We may do parking overflow there and shuttle people to my house.

Try to carpool if you can.

6. May I bring my children to the party?

In the 2 years I have had the party, kids have done really well. Some of the most beautiful wreaths have been made by kids.

The scary age group to me are the 2 year olds. I worry about them ingesting some Christmas bauble, fossilized cat food, or worse, fossilized cat poo. If you as a parent can handle it, you know I love kids. I just think it might be hard to watch the child and exercise your creative craftiness. Childproofing is not my skill really. I am pretty good at catproofing though.

7. What if I have cat allergies? 

I vacuum like an OCD clean freak before the party, but it doesn't really matter. Cat dander is everywhere. Use your flonase, benadryl, zyrtec, or whatever allergy medicine you prefer, religiously before the party.

8. What if I have other questions?

Call me, I can post more information if someone has a question that others might wonder about.


  1. Lucy you have the best Christmas Parties! Unfortunately, Sabrina and I won't be able to attend your annual wreath-making party this year :(. We hope everyone has a wonderful time. We sure had fun last year and enjoyed seeing others from the CEC! Merry Christmas! Sarah and Sabrina

  2. Thanks for welcoming me into your home. I had a great time and enjoyed making an awesome wreath.