Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We did it!! Great blower door result

This is just a brief post about our blower door test today. I was hoping for about 1ach50 which translates to 1 air change per hour at 50 pascals of pressure. 50 pascals of pressure is about equivalent to the pressure exerted on a house by a 20 mile per hour wind.

We hit .48 ach50 which is below the necessary standard for Passivhaus. I am so excited. Carlton and I were high fiving because we did it. We made a really air tight building enclosure.

Now after worrying about this for days, I have to go to my real job so I can
pay for the house.

This is the actual result. It is hard to see but the result is 94 cfm50 which translates to .48 ach50 when you correct for volume. Dean Benton of Benton Green Energy was impressed with the result so he is taking a picture of it as well. 
Thank you everybody for all your help in making this an air tight house.

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