Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Certificate of Occupancy and Housewarming Party!!

We got the Certificate of Occupancy on Friday, August the 29th! What a relief that is. John has been very happy about that. We still have lots of details to do. I hope to have some good photos this evening.

We have planned a housewarming party on September 13th from 4pm to 9pm. Hope to see people there.

I'll post more later. Thank you for reading about the house that took so long.


  1. This is such great news! Success! I'm sorry I won't be able to attend the housewarming party but you know I'll be there is spirit!

  2. Hello, wanted to say great job on the house!

    Im currently gutting a 1930's bungalow down to the frame & sheathing & am planning to add roxul comfortboard to the exterior. I see you went with the approach of mounting the doors and windows to the outside of the now-thicker walls. The windows are easy, but I'd like to see or hear about how you did the doors. Did you fir out the door opening, mount the door to the outside of the thicker wall, then trim the difference inside? If so, does this stop the door from swinging open fully? Thanks for any input on this detail....there is so little info online about the door installs on these exterior insulation jobs.

  3. SemperFi,
    I did a fair amount of work on the house, but it was mostly small tedious details like air sealing. I had an wonderful highly experienced carpenter, Carlton, who had worked with me on other projects who basically built the entire house with only one or at most 2 helpers. He sweated those details on the house and could answer your question far easier than I could.

    From looking at old photos, I think the outside of the door framing was done exactly like the windows with polyiso foamboard the same thickness as the Roxul attached on the exterior so we could tape it and make sure it was air tight. I do believe Carlton installed the doors at that outside of the walls and trimmed the difference on the inside.

    The doors open very well. I have not noticed that they don't open fully. I will check to be sure though

    I'm sorry it took so long for me to answer as I was on vacation. I will try to do a little quick post showing the photos that I have that might answer your question.