Sunday, October 26, 2014

Little Triumphs

I've been getting a few things done. But as you know, at first every job escalates as it begins. The key is to make sure it de-escalates and gets completed.

For example, here is how the shower ceiling looks now.
The AFTER photo
 Much improved from this:
The BEFORE photo
Still need to caulk around the edges. I bought some mold-proof caulk for that purpose. One of these days this shower will be gutted and rebuilt. 

Then I have ordered new lights for the bathrooms. This is why:

I was going to paint the rust base but the wiring is even kind of dried out and cracked. Therefore, I ordered a white porcelain-based light from Rejunvenation. I thought I was ordering from a different company, but I guess I was waylaid in my googling. Anyway, it is exactly what I wanted. So no more rust on the bathroom light I hope. 

Mathison Porcelain Light from Rejuvenation
The rule at my house is that I have to do an onerous (as in not a fun task) then as a reward I can do a fun task.

My fun tasks are making crafty things. I LOVE to make crafty things.  This is not a good photo, but I am making all these garlands for the windows. I hope to repaint my living room before my Christmas party so the background is not so yellow, but not sure I can get that done. Anyway, here is an idea of what the garlands look like.

I bought 5000 felt balls from Nepal and I am stringing them up everywhere. 

I hope you are having a lovely fall. These past few weeks have been a real gift, don't you think?


  1. I love the garland and the new light fixture! I have a little project going that I'll be sending to go with the garland!

  2. Well, that is an exciting surprise. I'm going to be posting some Houston pictures soon.