Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Door installation with Exterior Insulation

I don't have a big readership of my blog which is fine with me. I mostly put the construction stuff out there to help anyone else who might be trying to build or renovate a better, more comfortable, more energy efficient house. Every once in awhile I get a question about the actual construction of John's house and I certainly want to help if I can.

One reader asked a question about installing the doors with the exterior insulation, the Roxul mineral wool Comfortboard. Here's the question:

Hello, wanted to say great job on the house! 

Im currently gutting a 1930's bungalow down to the frame & sheathing & am planning to add roxul comfortboard to the exterior. I see you went with the approach of mounting the doors and windows to the outside of the now-thicker walls. The windows are easy, but I'd like to see or hear about how you did the doors. Did you fir out the door opening, mount the door to the outside of the thicker wall, then trim the difference inside? If so, does this stop the door from swinging open fully? Thanks for any input on this detail....there is so little info online about the door installs on these exterior insulation jobs.

From looking at the photos the doors were installed on the outside of the thicker wall and trimmed out on the interior. It probably does prevent the door from opening more than 90 degrees. Here are some photos that might help explain it better than I could.

Back Porch Door with Polyiso around the edges, taped

Back Porch Door Opening

Front Door Framing with tape before installation
Close-up view of door framing
Installed Back Porch Door showing the thickness of the wall
Front Door Sidelights installed
Another Porch Door fully opened - looks like it opens just past 90 degrees
The only 2 articles I could find that address this issue are listed below. Green Building Advisor (GBA) is the single best place to get information. You do have to sign up to ask questions, but it costs nothing as a regular member and you get great advice from people who know their stuff.

Here is a similar question on GBA to the one you asked:

This is an article in Fine Homebuilding where they address your question when double stud walls are used:

So I hope this is helpful.

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