Thursday, January 13, 2011

Believe it or not - it's still the floors.

I sincerely hope I am not using the same title in May - Still the floors. Ok, so this part of the floor looks pretty good. I was quite disheartened about an area in the middle of Adam's room so I have to sand the floor AGAIN to get this finish off and redo it.

I was so excited yesterday because the floors were ready to stain. I vacuumed for about 2 hours, then used a tack cloth on all of the floors. I was ready to go.  I poured the stain in the roller bucket. Then  I got out the floor finish applicator (basically a mop handle with a fuzzy block) to apply the stain. Then I start laying the dark walnut stain on so thick it was almost black. It was beautiful. My spirits soar because this floor is going to look good when we finish. Then I hurry and wipe of the stain. This is the tedious portion of staining. My arms protested, but MY floor is going to look GOOD. But wait, what is that in the middle of the room? I see 2 large blotchy areas right in the middle that significantly darker than the surrounding floor. It does NOT look good. This is not beautiful floor I have imagined for so many weeks. This will not do.

So I am back to sanding it off. I know what I did wrong. I tried to be cheap with the tack cloth which costs $1.84 per package (2 packages would do the entire house). So I made my own just like they say on the internet, but it raised the grain in 2 areas and there you have it - blotches on my beautiful floor. I also applied way, way too thick a layer of stain and did not wipe it off well so it's not dry yet. It's supposed to dry in 8 hours.

That's this week's floor story.

Here's a picture of the snow still on my driveway and the area that was next to my car. I am pretty sure we got about 8 inches of snow at my house. What is really remarkable is how much is left 5 days after the snow.

The snow was truly delightful. Kids will be out of school this whole week. Monday is Martin Luther King Day so they will be off Monday as well. It's almost as good as Christmas holidays (I still think of snow as all kids do in the south. We love it.)

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