Sunday, January 2, 2011

For the next week or so it will still be the floor

Kathy and I went over to the Lenore house around 12:00 noon and started working on the floors. I am getting up the nasty old paint off the cement floor in the mudroom while Kathy is making the wood floors in the bedrooms beautiful. She has gone through 24 grit - many, many times, then 36 grit x 2, then 50 grit x 2. Our plan is for the last grit to be 80 since we are using semigloss polyurethane rather than gloss on the floors.

We spent yesterday evening bleaching the floors trying to get out the stains in the living from floor. I think this is the best we can do.

This is after hydrogen peroxide from the drug store,  deck brightener (mild oxalic acid), then 2 concentrations of oxalic acid.

You can tell from our previous posts that we've gotten somewhere, but it's still not great. We are going to go with our decision to use walnut stain. We'll try to paint it a little darker around the stain to make the stain merge better with the rest of the floor.

If that doesn't disguise the dark spots, then the floor just has to have this much more personality.

We hope to stain on Tuesday or Wednesday, then polyurethane. It's very exciting to be getting to this point. It's the reward for all of our prep work. I really didn't think I had the patience to do it this well. It helps to have someone else equally as invested in doing it right.

Oh, I forgot. I've got to get my brother to help me take down the door to Kathy's room because it actually scrapes the floor. We've got to cut a small amount off the door before we do anything to her floor. And I've got to get him to show me how to apply wood putty in the nail and staple holes so they won't show so much. At best that will be done Tuesday.

The weekend plan is to install the bench and cabinets in the mudroom so I have to have that floor done this weekend as well. That floor is only about 5x5.

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