Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bernina Abuse - Gift Card Wallets

Well Lynn, I finally learned to use my Bernina. I've made gift bags, curtains and now gift card wallets. Though I don't think that they designed these beautiful machines for the my last project. I've been sewing on scrapbook paper to make gift cards. 

I've  been wanting to make some wallets like the ones in this post on Just Something I Made blog. I love this design. She did an incredible job, including rounded corners which I could not master in the time I had.

The only problem with making a paper wallet was that I needed to learn how to use my brand new Bernina. I think it sat forlorn and unused (except for cats nesting on the top of it. They balance there quite nicely.) for over a year. The Bernina store kept calling me about my free lessons, but I never could come up with time to go.

So finally I pulled out the manual and learned to thread the thing, fill up the bobbins and go to sewing. First I made the curtains for my porch. Then I made gift bags for goodies for a Head Start school that we have adopted at work. 

Now I've made paper gift card wallets for the teachers at the school. I googled ways to wrap gift cards and didn't find anything that looked as good as this paper wallet. As a result the Bernina had to suffer the indignity of sewing paper. She did really well despite it being beneath her. 

Here are a few examples. 

I photographed the gift card wallets on a far too warm, but extremely beautiful December day. 

Don't worry, I will dust off the Bernina and get her back in shape for sewing what she is designed to sew - cloth. 


  1. DARLING!!!! Love!

    The trick to round corners is to go slooooooooow. Up. Down. Turn. Up. Down. Turn. Up. Down. Turn. Then zooom!

    Thanks for linking and sharing.

  2. Cathe, thank you for commenting on my wallets. They don't really rival your Happy Birthday Elise wallet, but they are plenty cute. Thank you for the idea.

    I worried about posting a photo from your blog without asking for permission, but I didn't find any obvious place to ask for permission. I did make sure to link to your site so people could find the original idea.

    I certainly will be making more of these and I will take your advice on the rounded corners.

    Thank you again.

  3. Cute, cute, cute! Glad you have her humming!

  4. Lynn, I wouldn't say I have her humming, but she's at least threaded and gets to do her thing. I cannot believe how well she sews. Even I can sew in a straight line. I really appreciate your comments on my posts.