Saturday, December 3, 2011

Woodland Christmas Decor

When I decided to make my log boxes for the invitations, I also decided to use a woodland theme for my Christmas decorations. That meant natural materials, greens, browns, and golds. No red. Well, not in the main room anyway. The porch had plenty of red. 

Here a few photos of the woodland theme. 

Christmas tree in green, brown and golds - this is the top of the tree

Overall view of the tree

The fox ornament. Notice the extreme rain through the windows. The day of the first party was seriously rainy. 

I just love what that Jo Ann did here. I had saved some bird's nests that I found to use as decorations. She placed them in the tree and added some Christmas balls as eggs. Then we placed a mother bird around behind the nest. It is my favorite part of the tree. 

Jo Ann also covered some tin cans with my woodgrain fabric. I didn't know what to use them for at first,  then it became obvious that they should hold the bamboo spoons and forks. This was a big hit at the party. 

General design of the serving table. Ben cut some logs for me to use as serving platters. Also a BIG hit at the party. 

Cupcakes were also served on a log, but really a much larger slab with many more cupcakes than shown in the photo. I neglected to take a picture at the party. I get very nervous before a party so I was not able to document how lovely it looked thanks to all my wonderful helpers.

Next post will show the wreaths themselves. Everyone really made beautiful wreaths. 

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  1. I love the tree, especially the nests with eggs and mother birds! What a great idea!