Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cat update

I don't know what it is, but so far I have not been able to post during the 2 summers I've had a blog. Last year I had an excuse with John going through chemotherapy, but no medical excuses this year (thank goodness!). Ben is continues to do really well. He goes next week to see his orthopedist with about 1000 miles on his bike. Amazing, I think.

One of my partners was out for 3 months with her new baby girl so I had to work more than usual, but that's not really a good excuse.

I've just been distracted I guess.

Anyway, some gratuitous cat pictures.

Fuzz Parker in all his fuzzy glory. He LOVES boxes.
Sunny playing Ring Around the Table Leg with Daisy. Sunny is the little girl and Daisy is the big boy cat.  Both just showed up at my house several years apart. Do you think they are related somehow?
Sunny in all her golden cuteness. 
Sunny after a feather.
Sunny getting the feather. She is quite an athlete.
So Sunny is my newest cat, even though I reached CATURATION a long time ago. She showed up in my yard and kept climbing under my car so I had to catch her and keep her, right? I adore this kitty, she steals my heart.

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  1. Oh Fuzz! My fav! But that Sunny is a real cutey! It is unusual to have a yellow tiger that is a female, isn't it?

    The house sounds cool! I'm anxious to hear and see more about it as the plan progresses!