Sunday, June 9, 2013

Permit Process Proceeds

The permitting process continues, though slowly.  Randy (the contractor) has been sending me texts that go like this:

"Went to permit office at 11:30. Waited 29 minutes til they could fit me in. Asked for Robert H to help me with the floodplain survey. I'm sorry he just went to lunch. The Stoppers stopped me again. Will try him later ;)"
"I found a no stopper today. Basically she just gave me what I need to give to the surveyor. He was right tho. She said yes you can't access the flood info on computer except in house." 
 "It's crazy. She told me I had to go to Soil and Water next because part of it is wetlands. C'mon!"
"Well, Jay the surveyor is saying now I know what to do so I can go to work and get it for you. Then we take that (the flood plain survey that he has to prepare) and go up to try to get a permit unless the stoppers stop us. I have told him we are desperately in need of our survey so please get 'er done. Haven't heard back."

John's property has the grey blob in the middle. That's where his house was located. This aerial photo was taken before we build the shop. You can see that a large portion of his property is wetlands, but we aren't building there.

So that's where we are now. I hope this week we will get the permit. 

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