Friday, May 24, 2013

Demolition Approved!

Well, the county has inspected the site and agrees that we did indeed demolish the trailer.

We hope for the permit next week (contingent on proving that we are not going to build in the floodplain), then start on the foundation.

John has next week off, but there's not any real construction to be done here since we don't have the permit yet. We need to keep talking about details to make sure that we are on the same page which is a real challenge at times (for anyone building a house, not just between me and my brother.)

Before photo:
The next photo is taken right behind the gardenia on the driveway side of the trailer. 

After photo:
This view is in front of the gardenia facing the pond area. I need to move the gardenia as it is a really nice plant.
I also got some required paperwork for my real job done today. I am so relieved. I guess I should do taxes this weekend as well. That would remove even more stress.

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