Friday, May 3, 2013

Trailer Demolition Progress

We're not speedy at this demolition thing, but we continue to make progress.

Here is one day's dumpster load.

We put the ceiling material underneath so the fiberglass would get compressed between subsequent layers.
This is progress 2 days ago. Almost all of the siding is off now. Didn't really take photos today though. It's kind of a grey and rainy day.

These are the trusses that support the roof which is just aluminum with a coating of asphalt. The trusses are ripped 2 x4 material. Not very supportive. We are going to tear them down basically from the side and underneath. No one is climbing on that roof.
I think we've got about a week more of demolition to do. The stuff underneath the trailer may be a surprise. We'll see. 

And finally a photo of demolition leg. 

I'm bleeding from an aluminum siding panel sliding down the front of my leg.  It's dirty work but someone has to do it. I actually like to do demolition. 

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