Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tearing Down the House - well, really tearing down the trailer

After jumping through some hoops, we finally are tearing down the trailer. We found out later that someone actually did want it, but it was too late. I already had a demolition permit for it. And as it turns out, I am so happy that we did not give this defective "home" for someone else to live in because as you clearly see it was not suitable for habitation.

Here are some photos from various stages of demolition. This is about 3 days of demolition.

Early stages in demolition

The main bathroom floor - does every bathroom floor leak?

Bathroom floor underneath the shower unit. Water heater was to the left. Again, does every bathroom floor look like this during demolition? Can you build a bathroom so stuff doesn't leak and rot the subfloor?

Kitchen demo
This is why we air seal the building assembly, specifically so the insulation does not function as a air filter.
A more graphic illustration of an area of air leakage through the insulation. No wonder John couldn't keep his house a comfortable temperature.

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