Monday, April 1, 2013

The ER Again and Progress on the House

You know, I work in an ER. I do not want to go there on my day off, especially to tend to wounded family and friends. You may also recall that I have been to the trauma bay twice in a calendar year - first with my brother who launched himself off his bicycle somehow and broke several bones and spent a month in the hospital and second with Carlton, my carpenter, who had a building he was taking down for me fall on him. He also had several broken bones, but "only" spent 2 weeks in the hospital.

So John, my little brother, the cabinetmaker is off on Friday. He is getting stuff ready so he can move into my basement while we build his house. My basement was his former shop so he has to move a bunch of wood and miscellaneous stuff to the real shop so he can stay in the basement. It's actually kind of a cool basement with a walkout door a large row of windows, a mini-kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower. It will be livable as a temporary space after the wood is moved. John was making some supports for the wood with the router when somehow the router grabbed the wood and pulled his fingers into the router bit. I think he must have reacted amazingly quickly because his fingers were mostly intact.

He had a tiny chip fracture of his left  ring finger and that was it for damage to the bone. The other miraculous thing is that the pads of his fingers are uninjured. That is critical for guitar player. Mostly he has what we call a nailbed injury. The area under the nails were crushed when it hit the router bit. One of the orthopedic residents who worked on Ben repaired the John's nailbed lacerations and wrapped him up. We'll see the hand surgeon in follow-up on Wed and we'll find out how long the recovery will be.

More x-rays. I intend for this to be the last time I post x-rays because no one else is going to get hurt.

You can see the tiny chip fracture on the ring finger on the lateral side.  
You can kind of see where the tissue on his 3rd and 4th fingers underneath the nails is kind of mangled.
So this is the current delay in the house progress. We haven't been able to demolish the trailer yet either. Soon though, very soon.

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