Tuesday, April 16, 2013

John's New House

The Shelter Kit arrived today. It was eventful to say the least. My oldest brother rented an all terrain forklift to unload the truck. Just because it has big knobby tires and weighs several tons doesn't mean it can't get stuck. We got it stuck on the very first load. One tire was in the mud up to the axle with a full load of wood on top. A nightmare. We had to call a wrecker to pull it out. The load was too heavy for his truck so he had to anchor his truck to a tree to pull the forklift out. Once his truck was anchored, then the forklift was pulled from the muck pretty easily. I did not take a photo of the stuck forklift because I was pretty distressed. I should have because now we may be able to laugh about it.

The excitement did not end with the stuck forklift however. 2 loads fell from the forklift but I don't think any wood was damaged.

Here are some views of John's house in its current state.

You can see one of the dumped loads near the road. We had to load it on the forklift by hand.
So there has been some movement in the getting ready to build. At least we are going forward. I am already sore.

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