Monday, May 20, 2013

Trailer Demolition - DONE!!

Again thanks to Carlton, the trailer is down. I am so happy that this step in the process of building John's home is done. Next up - the building permit.

Look at that beautiful empty space. The old AC is still on it's slab. Carlton is going to give this to someone who expressed an interest.
We worked pretty hard to recycle what we could, but we still filled 4 dumpsters. 2 dumpsters were pretty large, but the last 2 were much smaller. Here is most of what we saved. I don't have a photo of the metal frame under the trailer. One of John's friends is going to take that. The metal of the porch roof is already at Carlton's house. And we have a pile of 2 x 4s on the other side of John's shop that we can use for bracing or whatever else we need.

Roofing trusses. Carlton is going to build a shed and use these for the roof. He is going to double them up (use 2 together) to make them more robust that they were on the trailer.
Leftover porch material for Carlton's shed
Scrap metal
Blocks to be re-used for pier foundation for John's house
Aluminum siding for scrap metal
More miscellaneous scrap metal
I am thinking about cleaning these up and taking them to the Habitat ReStore. 
We have to prove that we are building in a floodplain, then the permit. I hope to have the permit within a week.


  1. I do appreciate your comment on tearing down the trailer. When I researched how to do it online, I didn't really find much so I thought it might help someone if we posted what we did.

    Thank you again for reading.