Monday, April 28, 2014

Cabinets Installed

John has completed the cabinets. He and Mike finished the installation this week. John made the crown molding himself. It really frames the cabinets beautifully. My brother-in-law keeps kidding John about only having 3 plates. He can put one in each of the overhead cabinets.

See what you think.

Oh, and for more really good news. We got the loan and sign for it on Wednesday April 30th. Finally. Now we can finish this house.


  1. These cabinets are beautiful! Wow! Amazing! Now your kitchen is next, right?

  2. Lynn, I am so thankful that you always comment on the blog. I really appreciate that.

    The list of the projects after finishing John's house is my bathroom, then some work at Kathy's house. My kitchen is a little bit down the priority line.