Thursday, May 1, 2014

We GOT the construction loan!!

Just a brief message to say that we signed for the construction loan yesterday. Finally. Now we can finish this house. John is extremely happy about it.

Ok, here is a brief list of what we need to do to finish the house.

1. Rich to finish interior painting
2. Air sealing the crawlspace (covered in the next post)
3. Insulate the crawlspace
4. Inspection so we can get power to the house.
5. Install HVAC.
6. Re-sand the floors because we kind of messed them up with the recent work
7. Stain the floors
8. Apply Waterlox finish to the floors
9. Baseboard trim and wainscoting downstairs.
10. Tile bathroom floors
11. Tile downstairs shower
12. Tile around upstairs tub
13. John to build vanities for both bathrooms
14. Install bathroom vanities
15. Install plumbing fixtures, sinks, hot water heater, etc.
16. Install electrical outlets, lights, fans, etc.
17. Paint exterior
18. Stain porches
19. Termite treatment
20. Get certificate of occupancy
21. Move John into his home

I've probably forgotten a lot of stuff, but that's gives you a rough idea of what we need to do.

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  1. You made the list, now to check it off. Such a great feeling! I'm really glad to hear the loan came through!