Thursday, June 26, 2014

June Construction Update - A Few Pictures

I took a few photos today to illustrate how things are coming along.

Here is the countertop with the copper sink.

Now you may ask yourself, "Why does John get a copper sink? Isn't that a little extravagant?" The answer is, "Yes, you are correct. It is quite an indulgence." I justified it because we saved so much money on the lights. We went to the Greer Habitat for Humanity Restore and found several lights that probably saved us over $100. Also the other lights (mostly the infamous boob lights) were not expensive at all - probably saving another $100. I figure the sinks we were looking at were going to cost about $200 so when John fell in love with the copper sink for $399, he had already made up for it in inexpensive choices in the lights. It does look good, doesn't it? And as John would say - it's naturally antibacterial as well. 

This is a view of the kitchen pantry cabinet to your left and the countertops. I still would like a more neutral color on the wall, but it's not my house. 

Next photo shows the bathroom floor tiles. We wanted them installed in a running bond or staggered fashion, like you would install a wood floor. Carlton already had installed about half of the downstairs tiles when we saw them. We just let him continue. I think it looks very good even if it is not how we envisioned it.

Carlton has finished the tiling around the tub upstairs. 

We've got 2 coats of the Waterlox finish on the upstairs floors. I think we need probably 2 more coats to protect the floors the way I want it. We stained it with Minwax Golden Oak before the Waterlox was applied.

I hope these photos help you understand that the house is truly coming together and John will be inhabiting it soon.

Thank you for reading today. 

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