Saturday, July 26, 2014

You May Ask Yourself - Where are they with their beautiful house?

Ok, so it's July 26th and this is the first post of the month so you may ask yourself - are they really working on the house? Yes, yes, always yes.  We always work on the perpetual house.

Here are a few views of where we are now.

This is the enclosed porch with floor stained. You can see the stone pad for the Jotul stove in the background. We put it on the enclosed porch so we could isolate any air leaks from the stove from the main part of the house. There are 2 windows and a door connecting the house with this porch so we can easily open the porch to the main part of the house should that be needed to heat the house.

This is the opposite end of the enclosed porch with the front door and now the floor has one coat of Waterlox finish on it.

Guard dog at the plumbing supply warehouse. We bought a really beautiful Toto Promenade toilet from the people here. We were very quiet while we waited for our toilet delivery so we wouldn't get the dog riled up. I'll try to get some photos of the toilet later this week.

This is the hanging light over the stairway. We waited quite awhile for it to be installed. The colors on the wall are somewhat distorted. These hallway walls are painted with a color called Aqua Pura - a light clean blue, sometimes looks white when the sun is shining on it. John hates it, but the True Turquoise used most other places in the house is too dark. He can paint over it if he wants to take the time to do so (but he won't).

And what have been doing for the last month or so? Taping, foaming, taping. Here are few photos so you'll have a better idea of my current projects. This is a cropped view of my foam face. I was foaming around the ducts underneath the house and got splatted with foam. I kind of had to sand it off my face before I went to work the next day.

Protective gear to prevent "foam hair" which is a real problem to deal with.
And here is unfinished my masterpiece - the Pro Clima membrane under the house taped to the enclosed duct work. This is the best view of the membrane. It's somewhat difficult to take a good photo that illustrates how involved it is to seal under a house. This topic absolutely deserves a lengthy post of its own.

There is still a lot of work to do under the house. That's why it's my unfinished masterpiece. I will keep you informed. 

Thanks for reading this blog on the perpetual house. Hope to be finished with this project very soon.


  1. Wow! It is really coming along! I also think the hazmat suit is quite becoming! Lol

  2. That attractive hazmat suit is my daily attire. I put it on even if I'm not working with foam because the under floor insulation is so itchy.