Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things to do in the Fall

We have had a most glorious beginning for this fall. The daytime temperatures are occasionally a little toasty, but the nighttime temps cool off beautifully. My brother finished his chemo and had a totally negative PET scan. Whew! That was a relief.

Projects for the next few months include:
1. Build a workshop for John so we can move the shop out of my basement. He can then be more productive and eventually build a real house for himself.
2. Finish insulating the attic at Lenore (my job). I actually like doing stuff like that.
3. Do the design work for the kitchen at Lenore (i.e. where the hell does everything go? Where is a refrigerator supposed to fit? A stove? I think we need a design professional)
4. Gut the Lenore kitchen
5. Gut my bathroom in prep for renovation. I have the design work done for that.
6. Arrange to have cabinets made. I think I am going to ask John's boss if they would be willing to do this small job since John won't have a shop built in time.
7. Wreath-making party (parties, really) on November 28th and 29th. I am going to host it on 2 nights so everyone at work who wants to come can come on either night.
8. More crochet baby blankets - lots of baby girls being born.

First a picture of Little Dude, the kitty who just kills me because he is so cute. I just love his nub tail which spins like a helicopter when he is excited (or hungry which is about the only time he gets excited.)

I'll try to post again later with some other photos.

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  1. YOu have an ambitious To-Do list! That Little Dude is a cutie bug!
    I love his tail.