Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Current projects - finished and in the works

I have a lot going now - lots of family will be coming into town for Thanksgiving, building a shop, preparing to renovate Kathy's kitchen and my bathroom, working tons to pay for everything, and hosting a party that basically takes place over 2 evenings.

Also, people keep having baby girls.

Here is my last baby blanket. It is really more of a play mat because it's a heavy yarn. I used some the peaches and creme yarn that I had on hand. I also learned (finally) how to do a ripple blanket. You really have to be precise in your stitch count to make it ripple as it is supposed to. Not really my skill. I bet I ripped out a section in every row. The good news is that it is a very easy blanket to crochet so if you go back a few stitches, it's easy to get going again.

Here's a better picture of the border.

I think I made that blanket in a week. I have not given it to my neighbor yet because I like to wash them first. And the challenge in washing things in my house is kitty hair. I have to WASH the washer before I put a gift blanket in there so it won't get coated with kitty hair.  I'm doing that now.

Ok, now for the big reveal. I have been making these silly little logs to put my invitations in for the wreath-making party. It has probably taken me 2 weeks to make them but I love them.

Work in progress:

 They are toilet paper rolls covered with Joel Dewberry fabric. I bought some felt balls, collected acorn caps and made acorns to function as the button for closing the little log. I got the idea for the logs from 2 sources - Martha's Yule log favor boxes, of course and from a website called Pretty Little Things. I'll try to post links though I have never done that before. I hope it works.

And here is the finished photo. Not a great photo, but then I am not a great photographer. You'll get the idea.

What looks like little arms is the ribbon closure. It's got holly leaves on top. I am very tickled about this. But like I said 2 weeks of work.

Anyway back to crafting grind. I have to cut out 90 or so holly leaves with my Sizzix cutter. You know how hard it is when you have a day off and the only thing to do is CRAFT. Whew. Tough life.

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  1. Those little logs are adorable! Your blanket is stunning!