Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All dressed up and ready to go

I finally have my acorn log boxes (invitations to the wreath-making party) ready to mail out. I took 30 to the post office today. I have about 20 more to go out tomorrow.

It only took a month. And I can't stop fiddling with the design. Every time I finish a toilet paper roll I save it in case I need to make more invitations. I've currently got 2 in the works with a "new" design. Crazy. I have to stop.

Another thing I have obsessed about is acorn caps. I can't go anywhere without checking out the oak trees to see if they have good-sized acorn caps.

Anyway, these are my invitations ready to be boxed.

Here is a picture of my Ikea bag loaded with invitations.  The lady at the post office was very gracious and worked quickly when I mailed them off.

Now I need to move on to getting my house ready to have a party. I was reviewing the downloadable "Party Planning Guide" from Martha Stewart and my party planning differs greatly the closer you get to the party. The first things on the checklist, I'm right on time. Example,  one month before choose the type of party, set the date, prepare your guest list. Done.

The problem is the day of the party; trying to fit in vacuuming with preparing food right before the party. I never time that right.

If you have 9 cats you need to vacuum for 2 reasons - hairball reduction and to scare them into the back room so they won't get into everything. It's hard to juggle food prep and cat control. I think I need to hire someone for one job or the other.

I'll figure out how to get things done in time before a party one of these days.


  1. What a fun surprise in my mail! What a cute invitation. Andrew has taken over my acorn log box. You would be surprised by all the things a three year old can shove in there. My mother in-law was at my house when the mail arrived and she was very impressed as well. Such a labor of love as I know that took a ton of time. I will be there on the 28th and cannot wait to make another beautiful wreathe! Thanks for thinking of me. I never see you anymore!!!

  2. Cool! They are adorable! So are the kitties!

  3. I'm glad you like the little logs. I have a new version that I am working on. I really need to be doing other stuff, but it has become an obsession.

    Mommy Watson - I couldn't figure out who could possibly be Mommy Watson until I saw Andrew's name. It sounds older than you are.

    Thank you for your comments.