Friday, July 19, 2013

Framing of the New House Continues - Second Floor

Here are the guys setting the first ridge board. First they build the scaffolding and the temporary braces, then set the ridge board in place. I think that happened on Tuesday of this week.

Rafters will hold the ridge board in place after the temporary braces are removed.

Ceiling joists have been added to the rafters. Also the front dormer has been framed (after some trial and error because I couldn't tell left from right on the plans.)

Back dormer is framed. Also the gable end framing is in place.

You can see the front dormer better here.

Another view of the back dormer.

John and I hope to frame the downstairs walls this weekend. I need to treat the wood with BoraCare, a boric acid based termite preventative. Then I need to use my Prosoco Joint and Seam filler to seal some the seams before we go any further.

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