Saturday, July 27, 2013

Porches are framed

The guys have been working really hard and have framed all the porches. We are going to use the porch roofs to help get the roof sheathing on. The roof pitch is kind of steep. It's a 12:12 pitch which means that for every foot out you go, it goes up 1 foot. This is not really a typical pitch in the Southeast. It is more common for areas with a significant snow load. Since the kit is from New Hampshire, that's why it's so steep. The steep roof pitch does make for a very attractive house shape though.

So since the porch roof pitch is much shallower, you can stand on it to get the plywood sheathing on the main roof. It makes it much easier.

Windows have been ordered.

I have not ordered the Roxul insulation yet. I need to figure out surface area of the house so I can get an accurate estimate of how much I need and can compare prices.

John and I went to the bank to apply for the construction loan on Friday. I have a whole list of things I need to get to them to help our application go through:

1. Current photos of the house - where we are in the construction process
2. A "Spec sheet" - what goes in the house such as flooring, trim, countertops, siding, metal roof, etc. This list is supposed to be very specific. Randy is going to send me a sheet so I can see what all is included and modify it.
3. Paid invoice of the cost of the kit from Shelter Kit
4. Description of the "green" features of the house
5. Floodplain information

Here's where we are as of Friday:

The porch roof sheathing is not on yet; hence, the tarps. We continue to have record-breaking rain here - as in more rain than has EVER been recorded in July.

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