Friday, January 20, 2012

No power in the shop yet

Today is a grey, rainy winter day in Upstate South Carolina. Duke Power installed the power line, but did not hook it up to the power meter yet. So that means no power for the shop this weekend. It also means no photos until maybe Monday. 

I'm working all weekend. We're all getting ready to go skiing next week so not much progress in the shop department until we get back. 

We're very excited about going to Montana to ski. We'll fly to Salt Lake City, meet my sister and her husband, then drive to Yellowstone, then to Montana the next day. I know, it's pretty weird to go to Salt Lake City and then drive to Montana to ski, but we have enjoyed it for the past few years. Montana ski slopes are just so big and open. We love it there. 

We'll get back to green renovation stuff (I have got to get 2 attics insulated) and shop set-up in about 2 weeks. 

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