Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not much going on - pet photos

We're getting ready to go out west to ski. We leave Thursday. I work all day Wednesday so that means today is LAUNDRY day. I'm not doing very well getting stuff done though. I've had a cold for 2 weeks and I'm just tired. 

No new photos of the shop because the driveway is a quagmire and I don't even know if there is power yet. It's supposed to be in today. NEWS FLASH!! John said he has power! Great news.

Since no photos of the shop - here are some photos of the animals. Not everyone is represented - Little Dude is huddled up somewhere and Daisy is outside.

Buddy Mac Brown about 2 years ago in the snow. He is very difficult to photograph. I think you can see that he has much more grey now. He is at least 14 years old.
Buddy's photo a few days ago. He will not pose for the camera.
Burbank - Buddy's companion. Somehow Buddy is the boss despite his advancing age, cataracts, hearing loss, hypothyroidism, Cushing's Disease and height disadvantage.
Hayley Bailey - found on a hay bale, of course. My shyest kitty. I just love the one white whisker over her right eye.
Baby Girl Blue - given to me by some friends whose last name is Belue. She is just the prettiest thing. The boy cats here just love her in spite of the fact that everyone has been fixed since kittenhood. They still know a pretty cat when they see one.
Rocky - Hayley Bailey's brother. A very sweet, somewhat shy cat.
Betty Boop - so named because of white ears. Huh? John named her, ask him to explain it.  She is very sweet too. 
Big Head - named for his very large, masculine head. Still have not captured him to get him fixed. He disappeared a few days ago and came back all bloodied. He seems to be doing well though. No signs of infection at this point. He has GOT to get to the vet before spring kitten season begins in earnest.  
And who is this? - why, it is Effy. John's newest cat. She broke into John's house and joined up with his crew. He left for work one day with 3 cats and came home to find 4 in his home. She (we think she is a she) broke in through the ducts in the floor. We are going to put posters up and see if anyone has lost a cat. It only takes a little imagination to figure out why John named her that. I believe her name sounds like the first word that came out of his mouth when he realized he had 4 cats. 


  1. I love all these animals! BUT... where is my fav? Fuzz Parker of course!

    Glad to hear John has power! I think I hear the buzzing sounds of power tools!

    The name Effy is a crack up!

  2. Somehow I did forget Fuzz Parker. Also did not include Jerry. His skin is so broken out, he looks pitiful. As Ben says, Fuzz Parker is a rock star. He'll make an appearance for his fans soon. He doesn't want to be overexposed. You know what that does to a career.

  3. We can't have Fuzz Parker left out!
    love, Love, LOVE that boy!


    I hope you're having a great vacation.