Friday, August 9, 2013

Air sealing

The guys have been working really hard putting the sheathing and air sealing. The house looks beautiful.

I have been caulking the inside while the outside is being taped. This is redundant, I know, but as this is the first house I have ever built and I am trying to build it to a high standard, I don't mind the redundancy.

The tape is Tescon Vana from 475 High Performance Building Supply in Brooklyn, NY. It is very sticky stuff.

The interior caulk is Prosoco Joint and Seam Sealer which I got from another high performance building supply company called Small Planet Workshop. I've got to order some more stuff from both of them.

There are no windows framed on the back dormer because we're haven't decided what kind of window will go in the bathtub/shower area. We will almost certainly choose a vinyl window. That's why the photo of the back dormer looks so odd. They haven't taped it because they will be cutting the sheathing where the window goes.

View of the enclosed front porch

Driveway side view

Back of house

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