Thursday, August 22, 2013

Who needs a blower door test?

Who needs a blower door test when you are in the middle of a Southeastern US monsoon season? I am pretty sure we are getting an inch a day of rain in the month of August. The ground makes a squishing sucking sound with you walk on it. It's pretty amazing.

It is also challenging trying to build an air tight house under these circumstances. I certainly don't need to do a blower door test to find the air leaks when I have puddles of water everywhere.

Corner detail. The guys are going to patch that when they install the 2 layers of polyiso on the roof.

Second floor dormer - major leak in on the right of photo.
These seems to be where the leak is coming from, but I thought I had closed it up by using Prosoco Joint and Seam sealer. Apparently not.

Another view of the leaky area. I think I didn't tool the seam sealer very well and it didn't really block the water. The house wrap has not been installed yet, but I want these problems fixed BEFORE the housewrap goes on. 

Leak on second floor gable end

I thought the leak was from the junction between the porch and the gable wall, but my flashing did not completely solve the problem. I have reinforced the roll flashing and the tape on the sheathing. 

Tonight's photo. First floor leaky area below the same gable end as above. It is driving me crazy.

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