Thursday, August 22, 2013

Orb Weaver Paradise

For the past 3 years,  I have watched an orb weaver spider spin a web on my fence and lay numerous egg sacs. She would trap lots of bugs, then get really huge, then lay an egg sac and get skinny. I saw this happen over and over. But each year I only saw one on my patio. This year, there are at least 8 different ones on a small section of fencing. There is apparently no shortage of food as most of them are getting fat. 

These are iPhone photos, but they give you an idea of the number of spiders. 
This is the mother of them all. She is huge. I think she has the prime location.

Underside of another

Small orb weaver under the big Mama spider (and yes, I need to paint the fence. Please ignore.)

Daisy the cat walking on the patio near the 6-legged spider

Underside of 2 spiders here.

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