Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brief update - Back from Cycle Oregon

I am in Atlanta on Sunday night waiting for my plane to Greenville and home. I had a very good time in Oregon, got to see Lynn for a couple of days even though she didn't ride. But I am so happy to be going home.

I only have one photo from Oregon on this computer. I think this one is riding into our camp in Diamond, Oregon where we had a rest day. The population of the town of Diamond is 5. So having 2000 cyclists and support staff is huge for that area. .

You can see our tent city way in the background as a series of white spots. I pretended to take this photo for the view, but really I needed to stop and stretch which I did every few miles.

I did not do the entire ride because my body was just not capable of doing that. I did 26 miles the first day, 70 the next, 51 miles the third day, rested on the rest day, 40 miles, then 73 miles, then just road to the finish in the car with Lynn on the last day. 260 miles in 6 days. I was pretty happy about that.

The massage therapists, Tate, in particular were the ONLY reason I was able to ride that much. Tate worked on my neck and shoulders which allowed me to be able to support my head on the ride and turn my head. I actually have more movement in my neck now than I did before the ride.

More stories later.

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