Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cycle Oregon Photos - Part 2

This is the tent city on the second day in Burns, Oregon. Packing up for the 3rd day of riding

The llama helped carry our bags to the truck for the next town we finished in.

Llama doing its job.

Hot and dry, getting ready to go downhill

See the delightful downhill ahead.

Riding from Burns to Diamond, Oregon. Must check messages on the phone. Oh, I forgot there is no service out here. Well, it is still a good time to take off my shoes and socks and rub my feet.

 Riding to Diamond, HOT!

There is the tent city finally, see the little white blobs. Those are tents and shower trucks - my oasis.


  1. I love the llama doing the luggage. Wish I could have seen that!

  2. Yes, the llama was really cool. It was a little disorienting when I first woke up and saw the llama in the field.

  3. The lllama's name is BLT Snowy Owl. He belongs to Burns Llama Trailblazers and has earned his PLTA Master Pack Llama certificate. In a couple of weeks he will take his final exam for his Extreme Pack Llama certificate. I have no doubt he will pass and become the third llama, ever, to do so. He was waiting to to go on a pack trip on Steens Mountain and staying in my back yard a couple of blocks away the night before these pictures were taken. I had him join the Search and Rescue team's baggage hauling activity to help those guys comprehend that there are more ways to move an object than using an ATV.

  4. Lisa,

    Thank you so much for telling us the name of the beautiful llama. It was such a treat to see him there in the morning. Also I really appreciate that you thought to bring him to educate people on other ways "to move an object" rather the an ATV. Those ATVs were LOUD. BLT Snowy Owl was a delightful surprise.

  5. Hey Lucy, the search and rescue guys were collecting tips to put in the general fund seeing as we pay for our gear and expenses out of pocket. Snowy managed to collect about 25% of what the whole team made. I was so proud of him. Think what a nice quiet time we would have had if I had brought A Patchy Warrior and his cart or the entire pack string. If you ever get back to Burns, look Snowy and me and the rest of the llamas up. And hey, the community certainly enjoyed hosting the cyclists.