Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cycle Oregon Photos - Part 1

I didn't really take a lot of photos because it was a very difficult week of riding for me, but here are some photos to give you a taste of what Cycle Oregon is all about. This year the ride was in Eastern Oregon which is mostly desert, certainly much drier than most people associate with Oregon.

Bus ride to John Day, Oregon from Portland

Highway went along the Columbia River from Portland to Pendleton, a rodeo town. We then went south to the town of John Day.

Tent city in John Day, Oregon

Our tents were pitched on the local baseball field. The grass was very nice and soft.

First morning's ride was supposed to be 70+ miles. I didn't think I could do 2 days of 70+ miles in a row so I rode 13 miles to the first water stop and then back to the same campsite for a total of 26 miles. We stayed in John Day for 2 nights in a  row which was very nice.

Second day climbing

Using every excuse to stop climbing and stretch my neck and arms

I was not the only one who used every excuse to stop.

I decided to break up the photos over 2-3 posts so your pages will load easier. I rode 70 miles on this day which was my longest ride in 10 years.

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